June 2019
Peace Lives Here
June 2019
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Loving what is!
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peaceful presence

Reframing the narrative – invested in truth & peace
I love more than words can manage. Though, if I am to speak, it will be tenderly expressed and contextually sound in meeting you––right where you are
Cultivating being present, aware and at peace with everyday life. Join us for inspiring dialogues that are truly nurturing and enlightening! You're encouraged to come with questions about the nature of mind, love, peace and more. Be open to listening deeply and being heard. These are true dialogues facilitated by Leeza and a wonderful way to make new friends, inspire renewed passions to create, serve and build real community. Currently taking place quarterly in Vancouver, WA.

This is a FREE event and youth are encouraged to participate

On-going Peace Lives Here public dialogues
How do you cultivate peace?
Is love our nature or is it learned?
How do I talk to someone who seems to be fixed in their beliefs?
I've heard of mindfulness... what does this have to do with peace or presence?
Peace Lives Here: A day of celebration, community building, food and fundraiser
A unique event bringing together local artist, teachers & messengers of peace. Bringing peace and compassion to the front of the room, as we celebrate and help local organizations and people that are doing the work of healing. This is about establishing Vancouver, WA as being the new mecca of healing arts and peace-centered heart of the Pacific Northwest.
Our first ever event is scheduled for September 2020. Specifics will be announced soon
Live music
Old fashioned radio skit performances
Poetry readings
Audience inquiry
Live art
Guests interviews
Aware Being: the Podcast 
A podcast devoted to experiencing peace in everyday life. Exploring the nature of awareness/consciousness, the heart of true peace and what it means to be present through dialogues, meditations, stories & reflections.

Available on all your favorite podcast platforms by April 9, 2020

Where are your investments?

Notice where your attention goes when experiencing surprising situations. See if you find yourself embodying a sense of wonder within each encounter, leaving behind habitual thinking while remaining in your knowing.

A humble heart

Allow curiosity and sincerity guide all your engagements


An open mind

Truth is recognized more when you're not distracted by busy mind

Deep listening

Mindful living

Attend to what's being said more fully. Allowing for true dialogue


Peace is present

As love permeates your experiences, a natural sense of immutable peace flows

being open and receptive
Cultivating peace in everyday life

This movement is about the cultivation of truth telling and living from the perspective of peace and equanimity. It's an invitation to contemplate the significance of every experience and discover how we may deepen our understanding of the issues that are part of everyday life.

If we are to effectively address the bigger societal issues, then we must be open to reframing the popular narratives of division and assumption, to that of peace and acceptance. And our way of engagement, is through teachings, collaborations, and public dialogues.

  • See 'the other' as ourself
  • Placing peace, understanding and listening before all else
  • Remaining open to what is really going on, without the story
  • Acknowledge the beauty that's reflected in the mirror
  • Show up and tell the truth–without exception
  • Love you, more than your need for acceptance

  • Begin with co-creating a nurturing environment where everyone feels that they have a voice and evolving purpose

Ways you can participate

  • Integrate this work into the wonderful services you already provide for your youth group, camp, shelter or drop-in space
  • Arrange public talks and town-halls that help to reframe the narratives
  • Adopt a peace-centered approach within your home or organization
  • Learn more about living as awareness and peace with Leeza
As one of many societal issues, let's consider how we might engage and think about bullying and suicide

"At the heart of these issues, to include all forms of victimization, is fear and lack. Fear and lack are created through conditioning, and amplified in a technological world, where insecurities can quickly find an audience with those who share the same insecurities. 

These are such big and interrelated issues, that it's necessary for us to talk about them tenderly, with great care in recognizing the rawness of these experiences and not falling into the habits of assumption and expectation.

People from almost every culture have experienced these very tender issues and have an inherent longing to move into compassion, healing and love. What seems to override this longing is a mind that's been conditioned to be separate. And through this lens of feeling incomplete and overwhelmed, there is a lashing out–a seeking for attention, confirmation or any proof that oneself is real, worthy or included."

Work from within the community, family, friends, partners and allies to rediscover the peace that lives in the heart of us all. Remain open in talking about what's being avoided because of uncomfortably and thinking the issues are too big.

Address these seemingly complex issues by investigating their source with relentless compassion, curiosity, love and sincerity. Going beyond encouraging people to focus on 'life getting better' at some later time.

"We know that life is lived now and only now. So we keep our attention on what is, in the moment.Even in the midst of anguish and confusion, that comes from being in fear and believing divisive thoughts, is the opportunity to remain open and loving beyond reason."

The dialogue itself can be a radical act of healing and truly seeing the beauty in how people show up, just as they are, is equally radical.

 (excerpts above from Leeza's book)

Everyone is encouraged to explore where they are in the moment—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This exploration includes cultivating a depth of awareness and allowing the wealth of wisdom and peace to find expression. Which is how we will truly experience sustained healing!