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June 2019
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December 2015
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Leeza Edwards

 "I can tell you how incredibly at peace I've been for what seems to be years. Which is a clumsy way of saying how I am peacefully Now, with this experience."
She's been teaching about awareness, meditation, self-inquiry and peace since 2007 to those who have found a readiness to question the uninvestigated thoughts that cause suffering. Born and raised south of Atlanta, Ga, she's lived on the west coast since 2005.

Whether it's meditating with the homeless, giving talks or offering guidance to a dying friend, Leeza seems to have boundless patience—encouraging us in being open to peace.

Now residing in the Pacific Northwest, Leeza's inspiring invitation is to 'embrace the tenderness of life—knowing yourself as the love you had previously sought.'

What she teaches is know as Advaita, otherwise called "Non-duality". Which she had come to understand experientially at the age of 40. All that she offers is a perfect reflection of how she lives.
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There is only awareness. Nothing truly stands apart from it. Just as there is no 'I' distinct from this loving aware presence. And even these words are inadequate in getting to the heart of this truth.