Walking meditation—Vancouver

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We’ll begin with getting settled in, silencing phones and receiving an orientation on walking meditation from Leeza. Which includes a brief guided meditation and an ever-present invitation to be peacefully alive, without the distractions of busy mind.

The walk
Leeza will guide the walk with encouragement to stay together and allow whatever thoughts & feelings to arise without resistance. Our only pauses in movement are to cross streets and for a restroom break. And if you find yourself running late, feel free to catch up with us on the path. We’ll be the silent mass, moving effortlessly through life.

The path
This particular walk will begin and end at the parking lot for the Fort Vancouver Historic Site, which is just west of the Pearson Air Museum on E 5th St. If for some reason the lot is full, please know that parking on both sides of the street is possible.

We’ll walk down the trail over the land bridge to the river, then west along Columbia Way to the new waterfront development and taking a restroom break there. Then completing the walk by retracing the path to the Fort.

More locations for these meditation walks will be added, as interests grows. This is a free community event for everyone and youth are especially encouraged to join! Feel free to bring your pets.

Accessibility for all
This particular walk is accessible for those with canes, crutches, wheelchairs and walkers, with modest changes in elevation.

Groups encouraged to join

If you’re part of a group, community or organization that could benefit from attending, we would love to have you join us!

Embodied Peace

A grassroots movement with the purpose of reframing the narrative on social issues large and small, co-creating space for all youth to thrive in their beautiful diversity and gain clarity about their being. As well, we are looking for organizations to collaborate with on establishing and sustaining an Annual Youth Peace Summit in the Pacific Northwest. Visit http://embodiedpeace.org for more details.

Please contact us if you have any questions! Questions on the day of the walk will only be possible by calling 360-334-1171 before 10am. Phones will be silenced during the walk!