June 2019
Peace Lives Here
June 2019
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December 2015
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Aware Youth

Cultivating relationships that are grounded in peace, compassion and acceptance. It's the embracing of life—of being fully aware and seeing the inherent beauty in diversity
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Annual Youth Peace Summit
A Summit bringing together youth, leaders, families and facilitators of every imaginable background. Cultivating sustainable peace, love and awareness in the most creative ways. To give you an idea of the scope of this vision—imagine a weekend camp experience with... 

  • impactful workshops on mindfulness, communication, relationships, peace, food and more 
  • fun creative projects that foster collaboration
  • inspiring talks on the nature of peace, being aware and loving-kindness—to name a few
  • imaginative storytelling to help find deeper expression and openness
  • transformative indoor/outdoor group activities
  • singing, yoga, laughing, meditation, drum circles and more opportunities to be mentally still and physically active
  • and obviously delicious, healthy, nutrient-dense, plant-based food! 

It is about peace right? So we live this understanding by not harming or exploiting sentient beings. So our circle of compassion extends to all animals.
You're invited to be a founding participant in this transformative gathering
To be aware, is to be at peace
"It is valid to assure someone that 'life gets better'. No doubt, there are appropriate occasions to do so. However, life can only be lived here and now. Let's reframe the dialogue to one that embraces the truth of our experiences instead of the belief, indeed the preoccupation, that life 'should have been different.'"
This is a movement that invites youth to play a key role in reframing the inner narrative of perceived division, to one of peace. Which is only sustainable by recognizing and embracing the peace that lives in all of us.

Youth are encouraged to explore where they are in the moment—emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This exploration includes cultivating a depth of awareness and allowing the wealth of wisdom and peace to find expression. And though the conversations are seemingly about abandonment, identity, anxieties, depression and fear—our engagements with youth are centered around the awareness of Self, while investigating the source of frustration and happiness and how it's expressed in their lives. 

Ultimately this is about self-discovery, freedom and being the peace that was once only a thought.

Loving yourself means telling the truth