June 2019
Peace Lives Here
June 2019
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December 2015
Loving what is!
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Reframing the narrative

Thinking and speaking from the perspective of peace itself. Leaving behind a seeming divisive world through public dialogues and engagements. These dialogues called "Peace Lives Here" are wonderful opportunities to be inspired while cultivating a sense of mindful participation in addressing societal and personal challenges. 

One of the larger intentions is offering practical and meaningful encouragement to remain grounded, open and receptive, when the tendency might be to disengage, ignore or be overwhelmed.

Regular dialogues have been going in Vancouver, WA since September 2018.
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Annual Youth Peace Summit

A multi-day event designed to inspire and enliven today's youth, to be self-aware and fully invested in peace, while cultivating a deeper sense of Self, love, openness, empathy and compassion.

All youth are invited to participate!

"The lived experience of peace is not a consequence of objects or circumstances. It arises unconditionally on its own—undistracted by a mind that would veil its reality"