mindful dialogues ~ compassionate service

Addressing the issues directly

This movement is about the cultivation of truth telling and living from the perspective of peace and equanimity. It invites everyone to contemplate the significance of every experience and discover how we may deepen our understanding of the issues that are part of our everyday lives.

If we are to effectively address the bigger societal issues, then we must be open to reframing the popular narratives of division and assumption, to one of peace and acceptance. And our way of engagement is through teachings, collaborations, and public dialogues.

Our approach

  • See ‘the other’ as ourself
  • Placing peace, understanding and listening before all else
  • Remaining open to what is really going on, without the story
  • Begin with co-creating a nurturing environment where everyone feels that they have a voice and a growing purpose in participating

Ways you can participate

  • Let’s integrate this work into the wonderful services you already provide for your youth group, camp, shelter or drop-in space
  • Arrange public talks and town-halls that help to reframe the narratives
  • Adopt a peace-centered approach within your home or organization
  • Learn more about living as awareness and peace with Leeza

Issues we're currently addressing

This movement is about addressing these seemingly complex issues by investigating their source with relentless compassion, curiosity, love and sincerity. Going way beyond encouraging people to focus on ‘life getting better’ at some later time.

We know that life is lived now and only now. So we keep our attention on what is, in the moment. With all the anguish and confusion that comes from being in fear and believing the thoughts of unworthiness and intolerance.

We bring the message of peace and work to find ways to nurture the felt experience of peace.

People from almost every culture have experienced these very tender issues, and the most affected groups are LGBTQI+, youth and people of color.

Fear is at the heart of suicide, bullying and victimization. Fear is conditioned, and amplified in a technological world, where insecurities can quickly find an audience with those who share those same insecurities.

These are such big and interrelated issues, that it is necessary for us to talk about them tenderly, with great care in recognizing the rawness and not falling into the habits of assumption and expectation.

We work from within the community, along with committed family, friends, partners and allies to rediscover the peace that lives in the heart of us all. To talk about what has been avoided because of uncomfortably and thinking the issues are too big.

To remain in dialogue as a radical act of healing and seeing the beauty in how people show up, just as they are.

  • Remain open, especially when it’s challenging
  • Love you, more than your need for acceptance
  • Acknowledge the beauty that is reflected in the mirror
  • Tell the truth, without exception and without the story

The divisions within the LGBTQI+ community are rooted in the same fears as the rest of society. If anything, they’ve possibly become more enhanced. And with a growing spotlight on this community, sensitivities and insecurities tend to overshadow all that is loving and peaceful.

Everyone is encouraged to explore where they are in the moment—emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This exploration includes cultivating a depth of awareness and allowing the wealth of wisdom and peace to find expression.

Which is how we will truly experience sustained healing!