celebrating diversity while instilling peace in the classroom

Aware Teachers

Bringing meditation to educators and offering guidance in developing a more loving, peaceful and inclusive narrative—recognizing the beauty in diversity and embodying the understanding of acceptance.

This is about seeing teaching from the perspective of conscious awareness, where the teacher and student are both equal participants in learning.

If you’re a school teacher or administrator, consider having Leeza visit your school and talk about reimagining the learning environment. To learn more about the benefits of meditation and how to move from the idea of peace, to the lived experience of peace.

When you consider the enormous amount of time youth and teachers spend in the classroom, isn’t it wise to have peace be central to learning, cultivating relationships and nurturing creativity?

  • Cultivating deep listening
  • Integrating meditation
  • Being fully present with what is
  • Recognizing ones inherent value
  • Attending to the well-being of all

We will develop an apprenticeship program once this service becomes viable for more schools.

The relationship between student and teacher involves more than grades and passing on information. It is a sacred relationship where everyone is nurtured, acknowledged and celebrated.

Let’s have the classroom be a place of peace, mindful learning and unconditional love.